"After the birth of my first baby I was feeling sad. Anxious, foggy, and worst of all, disconnected from my baby and husband. I had honestly never experienced feelings like this before. I was so disconnected. With the help of Genetic Protocol I was able to reconnect to my life within just a few weeks. I can’t believe how quickly I felt better after I had been told I had no options but to take an antidepressant by my regular OB. So thankful I found this test."
- Rachel C.
I arrived to Dr. Hunt with a lot of exhaustion, extra weight and my concern was to keep my energy leveled because I have bipolar mood disorder. After genetic testing, she put me on the brain protocol, sun protocol and supplements. I lost 10 lbs and no longer suffer from lack of focus, energy fluctuation, I can travel and work all day long and feel fine. I am happier and my mental state is stable. Thank you Dr. Hunt! You have been a lifesaver.
- Daniela C.
"I was able to use my Genetic Protocol testing as a road map to my individual path to health. This has been an amazing personal journey, not always easy but every bit rewarding. Through Dr. Hunt’s guidance and expertise and my work I’m in a healthy place now that I previously didn’t believe I’d get back to."
- Lynda N.
"Genetic Protocol testing has turned out to be the best thing I have ever done because it's a window into my health and how my body functions the best way possible. My family has also had this test so that they can also feel their best. I highly suggest this test first to anyone that seeks health and happiness. This test will be your blueprint to health to guide you to where you need to be."
- Sheila Z.
"Beyond grateful for this roadmap to health, wellness and longevity. Had I known years ago what I know now, I imagine I would’ve added on another decade to my life. As a crazy busy, single mom of three boys and a C-Suite executive of multiple companies, I don’t have time to play around with trial and error. Executing this roadmap to my best life ever is the best investment I’ve ever made."
- Jill F.
"The Genetic Protocol test I did with Dr. Hunt opened to me a path for health. It gave me the tools I needed. It was the beginning of this wonderful journey to finding more and more ways to heal."
- Margarita C.
"When I tested my unique genetic pathways through Genetic Protocol I was given an incredible gift: a roadmap to how my body specifically adapts, assimilates and functions as well as the keys to how best to care and eat for my optimal health. Everything I “knew” to be healthy living was not necessarily healthy for my specific genetic footprint. I promised my parents and grandparents that I would break the chains of the “you can’t outrun your genetics” myth. Thanks to Genetic Protocol and Dr Hunt I believe I am keeping that promise.”
- Donna H.
"Genetic Protocol was the answer I never knew I needed. Being able to have a personalized plan that allowed medicine to be uniquely tailored to my own individual deficiencies was a blessing that Dr. Hunt had given me. After 15 years of switching medications, I was able to find an alternative answer that gave me back my life, myself, and hope for a full recovery!”
- Brianna V.
"Genetic Protocol is amazing! The results have helped my body heal and repair. It has helped me be my best self!I’m so thankful for Dr. Hunt. She saw my true potential when I couldn’t see it at the time. She pulled me out of a deep hole and helped me in my healing to have a healthy brain and body. I’m forever thankful."
- Tamara G.

"Genetic Protocol helped me see the light at the end of the ‘TBI Tunnel of Chaos’ when I felt stuck in my recovery! I was finally able to heal my body with intention, knowing exactly where I was struggling to heal myself. After following the protocol created specifically for me for just a few months, I was seeing major change happening! I’m forever grateful!"
- January B.
"I am so grateful for Dr. Hunt. I don’t know where I would be without you. I have been to dozens of doctors in the past and felt completely hopeless until I found you. Dr. Hunt is an incredible and EDUCATED doctor, which is impossible to find. Her knowledge of DNA and Genetic Protocol has saved me and in turn my family."
- Alanna P.
"My heart is full and I am thankful for the regimen recommended by Dr. Hunt with Nutrugenetic testing from Genetic Protocol. I have just finished participating with the ASU Choral Union in the Bernstein Mass. Participation for me required the memorization of a lot of Latin words. A task I would have thought impossible before starting with you. Even though it was daunting, I BELIEVED I could do it as well as the next person when we started last August BECAUSE of the path you have led me down. I learned it, I did it, and I experienced great joy in the process."
- Janet N.

"I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's 19 years ago and have struggled with fatigue almost my whole life because of it. I have craved my bed for years and as a single mom of 4 kids, it was hard. I did not have the focus or energy to do anything. After getting my Genetic Protocol test results back and getting on the program Dr. Hunt organized for me with supplement and lifestyle suggestions, not only do I feel healthier, but I am happier because I feel so well and my life is so much more enriched. I feel like I'm finally alive."
- Tina M.
"I have been struggling with a chronic auto-immune illness for over 20 years- from GI issues to energy levels to focus and sleep and more. I was at a point after multiple surgeries and every cocktail of dangerous medications imaginable where I basically accepted that this would be my life. It wasn’t until I met with Dr. Hunt and began the Genetic Protocol testing that I was able to imagine a world where I might feel “normal” and not struggle every day. Life isn’t perfect, but after less than 3 months of treatment and care my stamina, GI, sleep and overall focus/quality of life have improved dramatically and I look forward to what’s in store."
- Rebecca B.
"I sought treatment from Dr.Hunt after suffering for many months with an illness that drastically affected my daily well being and which numerous doctors could not diagnose. The genetic testing revealed deficiencies that were treated with the appropriate supplements and I finally recovered. I am grateful to Dr. Hunt and her staff for finding a path for me to find optimal health."
- Mike R.

"I cannot express how much of a difference this protocol has made in my life. Coming to the office the first time it was apparent something needed to change for me to be heathy, energetic, and there for those I love in my life. As a mom of two young children with a busy career I needed a path that could give back my energy and keep it for years to come. I wake up every day now excited and grateful. It has truly been the missing link to put all the pieces together."
- Shelly H.
"Dr. Hunt and Genetic Protocol helped me and my daughter during a stressful time of finding out about her childhood disease. Through her protocols and diet changes, we both are feeling amazing and better than we ever have. I am so thankful for all she offers."
- Megan B
"Beyond grateful for Dr. Hunt and without Genetic Protocol I would never have been able to reverse my Hashimoto's in 2 short months! Based on my genetic profile I followed a personalized plan that gave me the tools to heal naturally. At times, it wasn't always easy but now I'm in a place where I finally have energy, clarity, and certainty that I never want to feel like that again. Thank you Dr. Hunt for showing me the path to life again."
- Michelle E.
"I first heard of Dr. Hunt from a good friend of mine who said she was amazing. Amazing sounded pretty good to me after going to many different doctors/specialists, having numerous tests done and spending literally thousands of dollars with no progress in addressing the health challenges I was experiencing. I had changed every aspect of my lifestyle that was already healthy and even further altered my diet, exercise, mindset, life balance, consumption of supplements, herbal remedies, etc., but nothing helped and I had “quietly” lost hope of getting better. 

I tried one more doctor….Dr. Hunt.

At my first meeting with Dr. Hunt, I brought all of my test results from the other doctors for her to review. She was struck by not only the sheer amount of testing done, but the actual tests themselves. Dr. Hunt shared that she could have saved me from taking many of those tests and from spending so much money on them, by just taking her Genetic Protocol tests. I will share, the idea of taking more tests did not sound wonderful at the time, but she explained why they were necessary and so we did the tests. 

At my next appointment with Dr. Hunt, we reviewed the Genetic Protocol test results and I was taken aback as to what she had found about “me” and my genetic SNPS, as this had not been tested before. She went into great detail and was able to align my health challenges with all the information she had gleaned. She answered every question I had.. with a smile… and I had a lot of questions. Dr. Hunt made her recommendations to me based on the Genetic Protocol results and I followed her recommendations. 

Within 48 hours of following her recommendations that one challenge actually stopped. Just stopped…within 48 hours... and has not returned since. The Genetic Protocol testing was literally a road map for Dr. Hunt. It provided the information she needed to understand the root of my health challenges, my genetic SNPS and how to address them…and it worked. My other challenges have also resolved with her guidance, and I include her “daily protocol” elements such as grounding, watching the sunset/sunrise, vitamin D from the sun, and many others every single day… and can literally feel the difference this collective approach has made. I have a much stronger understanding of my own health now and I even have a personal road map of how to maintain that health. It’s truly amazing and I am incredibly grateful to Dr. Hunt for helping me to get my health back. 

If you are just starting to navigate your way through your health challenges...see her first. If you have already seen numerous doctors with no progress or solutions…see her now."
Stacy M.

"You don’t know what you don’t know. It sounds so cliche, right? But I TRULY thought that I had done everything in my power by going to my gynecologist, my therapist, my psychiatrist, my endocrinologist, my general practitioner, and her assistant and then I rinsed and repeated with an entire new array of same disciplines but different faces/ different co-pays. Until I took a bird’s eye view of my life and determined within minutes, I had to do something drastic to survive. I went to a rehabilitation center. Left my family for 6 weeks. College tuition - check. But I was SO sick.

And I was an abuser, but not an addict. But was I? 

Fast forward.

After 6 weeks of in patient treatment, 6 weeks of outpatient treatment with the world’s most profound in the mental health arena.... 

Did I find that despite the logic, care, meds, Med detox, talk therapy etc.... I would not have found health until my balance was finally restored through the compassionate and thoughtful care of Dr. Hunt. 

Through Genetic Protocol my health is balancing. I recognize that I am re-engineering 47 years of bad protocol so I have had upsets and setbacks understandably.So with their help, I have staged my “recovery” into health piece by piece. And I cannot begin to share the clarity I see. But with clarity comes much more awareness, thus perceived obstacles.

I have referred friends and family from Texas and they too have seen dramatic positive changes. 

I'm grateful.
I'm humbled.
I'm still learnings.
I'm better.

Much love."   
"Your Genetic Protocol report is amazing. I’m so glad I did it! After all these years of searching for the cause of my debilitating fatigue (physical and mental) along with all my other health issues, I can finally see what genes are turned on and with your guidance, I am finally within my control to help my body heal. Everything I read now about-- specifically neuroimmune syndrome-- makes so much more sense after listening to your live talks and what you tell me at our appointments. I’m in tears because I finally have hope that I can get better someday because of you and your guidance. I had feared that I’d never enjoy life again. Each day was getting harder and harder to get through. I was beyond miserable and so fearful of what was to come. I was depressed, hopeless, and felt as though I was looking through a window seeing people living life and wishing I could too... wishing I could be “normal” like my friends and family. Everyone always would tell me “you look great” when they saw me. Well, looks can be deceiving.....

I felt like I was dying more and more as the days went on. Not really knowing how I was even getting out of bed and to work each day. I know I have a long way to go to being one of those people I would see through my window, but thanks to you I finally have my roadmap on how to heal. At 44, I finally found you after all these years of searching for a doctor that understands the root cause and doesn’t just treat symptoms with pharmaceutical drugs that cause more problems. I’m so thankful I didn’t give up my search. I almost did many times, but I knew you were out there........ through your wisdom, guidance and love I now see the light. Thank you."
Jamie L.
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