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Now is the time to discover your genetic code for your path to wellness

-Courtney Hunt, MD, FACOG

Welcome to Genetic Protocol. We offer the most advanced systems-based genetic analysis, circadian biology, and diet protocols for achieving health and peak performance. Genetic Protocol integrates epigenetics, mitochondrial health, and nutrigenetics into easy-to-understand protocols to achieve your best self.

What is Genetic Protocol?

With the power of your DNA and our industry leading physicians, Genetic Protocol creates a custom health protocol based on your unique genes. We understand that each person is different. Our personalized approach allows us to dive deeper into our customers health concerns and assist them at the cellular level. Whether you are tired of being unhealthy and have been told there is no treatment or you are searching for peak performance and optimal brain function, Genetic Protocol is for you.

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Order and receive your Genetic Protocol 55 genetic test kit, complete your at home cheek swab, and send it back to us.

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Once we receive your results you will have three comprehensive educational consultations with Dr. Courtney Hunt, a leader in the clinical practice of nutritional genetics.

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Follow your Genetic Protocol and begin living the life you've always dreamed of with optimal health.

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Each person’s genetic makeup is unique and it dictates their biochemical processes. These processes function as a set of systems that enable all of us-- everyone from a CEO to an athlete to a stay at home mom or dad-- to cope with the stress from their lives, work, sport, and play. In some cases, if these systems are not working properly, they can accelerate aging or a decline in health. With so many unique genetic factors, your well-being should be personalized to you. In prioritizing your body’s healing systems, you are proactively aiding recovery and helping avoid fatigue and decline. What’s holding you back?

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"Without the testing and guidance from Dr. Hunt, I'm not sure I would still be here. I had been suffering for years with a myriad of vague diagnoses and disabling symptoms. Genetic Protocol finally explained how to treat these challenges, and set me on the path to better health. I feel better than I have felt in ten years! Thank you so much for this precious gift!"

Elizabeth B.

"Genetic testing saved my life. Finding out why I was prone to illness and fatigue has allowed me to make choices that have improved my overall health, including brain function, increased energy, stamina and strengthened my immunity."

Jenny M.

"I am so glad I had my Genetic Protocol test and made the changes Dr. Hunt suggested. I have energy again and my stomach pain is gone. I have had a lifetime of insomnia, Celiac disease , nausea, and feeling terrible. Today I feel better then I ever have."

William M.

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