Individual Consultation

At Genetic ProtocolTM We Understand You
Genetic ProtocolTM is here to help you understand how your body works from a nutrigenetic perspective so that you can target your own environment to optimize your expression of your DNA. Together we will discover your personal genetic code, and we will guide you towards the lifestyle of health and wellness that you have always dreamed of. The process consists of a home DNA cheek swab for your 55 Gene Health Panel. This is followed by three comprehensive 30 minute educational video consultations to review your results. These consultations include our sun protocol which explains how circadian signaling affects your mitochondria and DNA, our brain protocol diet which targets optimal mitochondrial energy production and weight loss, and a targeted review of your personal DNA with actionable steps you can take to change your lifestyle, nutrition, and supplements. Follow the process below and schedule your personal consultation to begin your journey today!

Step 1: The 55 Gene Health Panel And Three Educational Consultations

From time to time we all struggle with not feeling as great as we would like to. Whether we have brain fog, chronic pain, autoimmune disease, fatigue, insomnia, or other health challenges there are answers and they can be found in our "recipe" of DNA. We offer comprehensive DNA testing to best fit your needs. Our "Gold Standard" 55 Gene Health Panel, completed via cheek swab, discovers and addresses your underlying health concerns. Additionally, this will include three, custom tailored, comprehensive educational health consultations via secure video to review your results.

Step 2: Process Payment and receive patient form

When payment is processed for the 55 Gene Health Panel, we will send you a customer assessment and consent form via email through DocuSign. It is totally secure and private. For your convenience you can complete the form electronically. (No printing or scanning required.)

Step 3: We'll take it from here

After your customer assessment and consent form is completed via DocuSign, we will take it from here. You can expect a call from Genetic ProtocolTM within the next 24 hours to confirm that we have received your information. Your personal genetic testing kit will be shipped directly to you and we will schedule your three comprehensive 30 minute educational consultations with Dr. Courtney Hunt. We will remain in contact with you during each step of your process.

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