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Have you ever considered what it would take to propel your business to the next level? Organizations understand the daunting challenges that come along with growing their business. One of the most crucial elements of an organization is their employees. In fact, many corporate consultants try to crack the code on ways to increase employee engagement and productivity. However, in most cases the results are less than expected.. Why?  

The Problem

When employees are not at their optimal health, it affects the performance of their day-to-day job, regardless of their positions. In order to relieve employees of brain fog, chronic pain, sleep deprivation, unhealthy diet, and lack of energy, their health must become a priority. In addition, there's a cost associated with employees not feeling good and being unhealthy. (e.g. Sick time off, disability, lack of productivity, decreased employee engagement and more..)

The solution

At Genetic Protocol we focus on the health of your employees. We provide you with our comprehensive "Gold Standard" 55 Gene Genetic health panel and two comprehensive educational consults with our industry leading physician. We take a deeper dive into your employees health and wellness and guide them toward a life of optimal health and productivity based on their individual results.

What to Expect

Step 1

Company Gene Test

When you get started with Genetic Protocol we will ship each of your employees our comprehensive 55 Genetics Test. The employees will take their test via cheek swab and return their kits in the mail.

Step 2

Web Consultation

Once the results are received, Dr. Courtney Hunt, a leader in Genetic Testing, will host 2 separate Webinars to break down the results for your employees. Your organization will be provided with a personalized actionable plan based on each employees Genetic Code. 

Step 3

Preare for Change

Once your employees have completed their Genetic health panel and in-depth consultation, they will have the tools needed to reach an optimal level of health and productivity based on their individual results.

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