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Try the 55 Gene 


At Genetic Protocol we recommend our patients take the "Gold Standard" 55 Gene Genetic Protocol health panel. This allows us to take a deeper look into your Genetic Code and guide you towards a healthy and fulfilling life. The 55 Gene Genetic Protocol Test includes all of our individual Genetic Testing protocols in one single panel. Additionally, you will receive two educational video/web consultations with an industry leading physician to review your results. The reason why we recommend this health panel is because many of our patients have additional underlying health issues that can only be found in our complete health panel. The 55 Gene Genetic Protocol health panel allows us to capture a complete picture of your genetic code and guide you towards optimal health. 

Or Try an Individual Genetic health panel

Based off of your personal health concerns, select which area or areas of your health you would like to focus on. Patients purchasing individual protocols receive their DNA health panel in the mail. Once the panel is completed via cheek swab and returned you will meet with Dr. Hunt, on a 20 minute educational video/web consultation, to review your results and begin your Genetic Protocol.

Unsure where to begin? Take 15 minutes to find out

Where should you begin your health journey? We recommend looking at the "Gold Standard" full 55 Genetic Test. However, we also offer a "15 minute consultation" for only a $75.00 fee, with our providers over the phone. We can answer any key questions or concerns you may have and guide you towards the right Protocol for you. (If you choose the "Gold Standard" 55 Gene Genetic Protocol health panel, the $75.00 fee for a 15 minute consultation is applied to the panel)
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